Do I need to contact the surgery? Where can I get reliable information and advice to help me make that decision?

As a practice we are keen to educate and support our patients in becoming more self care aware and we want” first “ to become what people with a health need automatically do first.

People do not just come to the GP surgery with clinical conditions-sometimes appointments are made to seek advice. We feel sure that appointments can be saved if people can be encouraged to visit first. not only provides advice on what to expect from common conditions but it also advises on “when you need to seek medical advice”. It houses slide shows and videos (see below-these are great) so that you can be sure of your diagnosis, and there is a great section on “common health questions”. Here’s a flavour of what it has to offer-and how to navigate it-and it’s getting better all the time.

We urge you please to get familiar with this website to free up appointment and ultimately help us to help you. explained…..

On the top bar the 3 main options are Health A-Z, Livewell and Care and Support

For the purposes of self care and seeking medical help and advice, we are mainly interested in

Health A-Z and Livewell

Health A-Z  

Hover over A-Z with the computer mouse

We like in particular the

Back pain

Pregnancy and baby guide

Common health questions

we like the children’s health section very much!

under “Vaccinations” Can my baby swim after immunisations? Do I need a tetanus jab after an injury?

under  “Infections” Can people catch hand foot and mouth disease? When can I fly after surgery?  When do I stop taking my aspirin before surgery?

under “Workplace health” Advice on fit notes-Can I go back early? When do I need one?

Don’t hover and you will see listed on the left is a list of

Common Conditions

Childhood conditions

NHS Guides

This is the one to use for a medical condition and advice on when to seek medical advice/see the GP. If the condition information says you need medical advice tell the Care Navigator and she will arrange a Clinical Assessment.

Common Conditions
Search the symptom you have or click on the condition you have

Look at the “When to get medical advice” section

Do you NEED to see the doctor?

eg Search-Eyelid problems

Childhood conditions
A great resource for rashes/diagnoses

Click on the condition

Look at the “When to get medical advice” section

Do you NEED to see the doctor?

NHS guides

Many topics covered. We like

under Pregnancy and baby guide

Infectious illnesses in children

Does your child have a serious illness?


Hover over the Livewell header, scroll down and click on eg health check tools

Or Hover over Livewell, scroll down and click on the bottom A-Z of listed Livewell topice

Hundreds of articles on how to live well and lead a healthy lifestyle…..Apps to download…Health assessments to take…..

Categories include

Smoking, diet and exercise

Adoption, cancer, stress….

Under “Skin”

Common skin conditions

We like….

Youth and mental health

Teen health

SchoolchildrenIs my child too ill for school?                 We like this a lot!

Click on Tools at the very top of the Home page and choose Slideshows and Galleries from the list on the left of the page.

Not sure on the diagnosis…these will help

Childhood illnesses

Baby rashes

Skin conditions

Childhood illness

Foot problems


Nail abnormalities

Penis problems

Pregnancy guide

Vagina problems

Click on Video at the very top

Too many to list but…

eg Fever and vomiting

eg Pilates for back pain

Let us know if you find any gems!