Cancelling Your Unwanted Appointment

Most people make a careful note of their appointments, and then cancel them  if they find that they no longer need or have to rearrange them. This is really helpful, as we can then make efficient use of our appointments, and give as many patients as possible what they want.

We have made it easy to cancel your appointment by providing a 24 hour voicemail message service (01270 275199), so just leave a message any time of the day or night and please give us as much notice as possible (cancelling with 10 minutes’ notice doesn’t really help us at all). That way, you’ll be helping us to help you.

We also send appointment text reminders to patients with mobile phone numbers recorded on our system.  This text message gives you the option to cancel your appointment by simply replying with the word ‘cancel’ to the text you have received from us confirming your appointment.  This will then cancel your appointment and make the appointment slot available to another patient.  Please make sure you let us know if you update your mobile number.