Covid-19 Vaccination – Information for Patients (updated 22/2/21)


Covid-19 Vaccination – Information for Patients (updated 22/2/21)

You can download the Covid-19 Vaccination – First phrase priority groups poster which shows the first phase priority order for patients to receive their 1st Covid-19 vaccination.

Our phone lines cannot cope with the demand for Covid information so please do not phone us for information regarding when you will receive your Covid vaccination, keep checking on here and we will keep this up to date.

19/2/2021 – At present Millcroft Medical Centre are sending out text messages or letters to patients eligible for the next Phase of Covid vaccinations.

If you receive a text message from us you will be asked to reply to either ‘decline’, or ‘yes’ you would like the vaccination.  If you reply ‘yes’ then you will be sent an appointment via text message in due course.  You may receive a reply from the system stating ‘you may not get a response’, please ignore this message, it is an automated message and we will reply. Please wait until you receive an appointment, do not contact us, we may have booked all the available appointments and will have to wait until we can start booking the next clinic after we receive the delivery date of the vaccine, which may be the following week.  So if you have replied ‘yes’ our response may not be until the next week or so.

If you receive a letter asking you to contact us to make an appointment for your Covid vaccination, then you WILL need to phone us.  If you receive a letter it is because we do not hold a mobile telephone number on your record, so if you do have a mobile phone number, please update this with us as we can contact you by text message in the future if you wish.

We will not forget you have replied or miss you out.  Please bear with us, our receptionists cannot keep up with the volume of calls made to the practice and we really appreciate your patience which will help us to cope with this very demanding time.

Invitation Only – We are not notified when our delivery of the vaccination will be until nearer to the date, so we cannot book any clinics until we have had confirmation of the delivery date and these will be on a weekly basis.  Therefore, please wait until you receive an invitation to have your Covid vaccination as unless you have received an invitation, you cannot book a Covid vaccination appointment.

Over 65 Years Old?

GP practices are currently focusing on the vaccination of people aged 16-64 who are clinically vulnerable. As a result, if you are over 65 you may experience a long wait to be vaccinated at your local GP vaccination clinic.

If you are over 65 and haven’t yet had your coronavirus vaccine you can do this now by contacting the national booking service via or by calling 119.

By contacting the national booking service you will gain access to flexible appointments at other local vaccination services seven days per week from 9am – 11pm.


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