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How do I get my test results?

These may take a week or more for the test result to come back to the GP.  To relieve pressure on the phones we are asking patients NOT to ring in for test results.  This system will relieve congestion of the phone lines.

You can contact the practice for your results using the new online e-Consult on our home page.  This sends your request to the practice who will respond within 24 hours.

No news regarding your results from the surgery will mean a normal result or a result that requires no further action.

The Care Co-ordinators will contact you if the GP needs to see you.

The Care Co-ordinators will phone you and if they cannot get hold of you by phone they will write you a letter asking you to contact the surgery to make an appropriate appointment (face-to-face or phone call as decided by the GP).  It is imperative that you keep your contact details up-to-date.

If you are registered with us for on-line access to your medical record, you may be able to see your results on-line when the surgery receives them.  Please bear in mind that if you results look abnormal on-line, they may be normal for you and there is nothing to worry about but if you are worried about any result you see on your on-line record, please contact us.