Hayfever is a condition that is definitely a Pharmacy first condition, absolutely amenable to self care and this leaflet is fantastic at helping you to target your specific symptoms.

For hayfever PLEASE Pharmacy first. If you are struggling ask to speak to our Pharmacists Rachel or Susan who will be happy to advise.

To do please-



Help save the NHS by PLEASE buying your own anti-histamines and nasal sprays for seasonal allergic rhinitis (hayfever).

Remember it is better to get ahead of your symptoms so if you are a moderate/severe sufferer consider taking medication for 4 weeks before your symptoms usually appear.

Fexofenadine is the only anti-histamine that we should be giving out on prescription.

If you have perennial rhinitis (symptoms all year round) –again that would justify a prescription from the GP.

Antihistamines cost £2.50 (2017)

Tesco promoted 2 Beconase steroid nasal sprays for £6 over the summer 2017