Patient Participation Group

Who we are and what we do

We are a group of about a dozen patients, working under our Chairman, Graham.  We are interested in supporting the work of the practice and have all volunteered in response to messages seen in the practice at various times.

History of the group

The group was first set up in around 2006 while the surgery was still on Mill Street. Since the move to Eagle Bridge, the group has become more active with several new members joining but unfortunately some of the previous members leaving. We are always eager to welcome new members, so if you can spare a few hours now and then, let us know by filling in and returning an application form to the practice. There is a link to the form at the end of this page for you to print off and complete. Copies are also available from reception.

The role of the panel is to support the work of the Practice by providing help, advice and feedback from contact and communication with the patients. With the changes proposed for the NHS, the panel will have an important role in helping the Practice meet the patient expectations.

We have looked at a number of issues that patients have either contacted the Group or Practice about.Examples of issues that we have become involved in are:-

  • working hard on trying to get a better bus stop shelter on Dunwoody Way
  • advising the practice about issues that cause concern to our patients
  • looking into arranging better seating for the waiting room
  • helping to gather patients’ views of the service provided
  • working with the practice on issues arising from the restructuring of GPS services

We do not discuss individual medical issues but are concerned with ensuring that patients receive the best possible service from the Practice. We are not a forum for patients’ individual complaints, as the practice has its own complaints procedure. Practice Complaints Procedure.

Our Constitution

There will be a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Assistant Secretary who will each be elected by the panel members and will serve for a two year period before re-election is required.

The panel consists of a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 members drawn from the Millcroft practice only. If more than the required numbers are interested, then panel members shall be selected to represent the broad cross section of patients.

A minimum of 6 members including, at least, the Chairman or Vice Chairman and the Secretary or Assistant Secretary must be in attendance to form a quorum.

All decisions shall be based on the majority of members in attendance at any meeting unless those present feel that the full membership should be consulted.

Sub groups may be set up to develop specific ideas but they shall not have the authority to take decisions without reference to the group via one of the regular meetings.

A more detailed explanation of our remit can be accessed by clicking here.

How can you contact us?

We are in the process of setting up an email address for patients to use which will be checked at regular intervals by members of the panel. We will publish the address when this is in place.

You can also contact us by using one of the forms available at reception at the practice. Please use the addressed envelope provided and place the completed form in the mail box on the reception desk. These envelopes will be passed, unopened, to the panel at regular intervals.

Would you like to join?

Application packs are available from reception and should be returned to reception and they will then be passed on to the panel. Application Form – Please print and return to reception.