Do you NEED to see a GP?

Do you NEED to see a GP? You NEED to tell the Care Navigator why you think you might.

We aim to empower our patients to self-care first for their condition. Studies show that 25-40% of GP consultations are not necessary because the patient might have been directed to self-care, the Pharmacy, the Minor Ailments Scheme, or they might have been advised to self-refer (e.g. to physio) or to contact a non-medical service (social prescribing or signposting). They might have been triaged and an appointment arranged with the Practice Nurse or the Practice Clinical Pharmacist.

Do you NEED to see a GP? Help us to help you……

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We need the new practice to work rather like the out-of-hours service but in-hours. We are used to telling the NHS111 operator or Triage Nurse what it is we need to see the GP about. The Care Navigators who take your call are on your side and want to help. They will not attempt to clinically assess you. Their job is to address your need. You have to tell them what that need is.