Submiting a Urine Sample

Usually your GP or Nurse will have given you a form (either a computer generated form or a Millcroft form) to accompany the sample, or a Doctor or Nurse will have arranged for you to collect a pot and form from the Reception Desk B. Please ask the Receptionist at Desk B for the form and pot.

All samples put into the sample box must be accompanied by either

  • A computer-generated form (with sticky labels for you to attach to the pot)
  • The GP or Nurse generated Millcroft form (you will need to write your name and DOB and date of collection on the pot if the Nurse or GP has not already done this)
  • A yellow form that you have completed located at the Reception Desk B (to the left and by the wall-waiting room area side) next to the sample collection box.
    (you will need to write your name and DOB and date of collection on the pot)

There are bags alongside the form for the sample and the form to go in.

Non-urgent advice: Patient Notice

Any sample not named/DOB, not in a bag, not in a suitable container, and not accompanied by a form cannot be processed.

It is essential that we have your contact details in case of a positive result.

If you know that the intention was for the sample to be sent off to the lab (usually to exclude infection if you have recurrent urine infections) please ask the Receptionist at Reception B to generate a formal form for you on the computer.

If this is not possible for any reason, make it clear on the yellow form that you have completed that the sample is to be SENT TO THE LAB TO EXCLUDE A URINE INFECTION. The sample should be in a red top pot to exclude a urine infection and a white/silver topped pot for all other samples.

If you have brought the urine sample in a white pot but it is to be sent away to exclude infection, please transfer the contents into a red pot in the public conveniences located by the lifts. The red pots are supposed to have bits in the bottom. Do not discard these.

Urine samples for hypertension/CKD and diabetic patients are to test for protein. This should be the first sample of the day and should be in a white or silver pot.